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At Z+M Asociados, we add value  to agricultural enterprises.


We focus on those companies with a strong vision of transformation and growth, on those that are innovative, open to networking and to expanding their business by means of funding dynamics.


Our customers are to reach a management level that enables them to merge into a proactive business network made up of the leading agricultural firms, which allows them in turn to have access to financing and to leverage their projects.


Our concrete goal is to produce a significant increase in the value of the companies working with us, both by improving their profitability and productivity and by maximizing the quality of their processes.








Zorraquin + Meneses y Asociados

Oficina: Colectora Acceso Norte km 49,5 Edificio Concord Of. 315 Cristal

Pilar (1629) - Prov. Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tel.: 011 6091 3628 - contac[email protected]